Norham Gardens 17

CO₂ Emissions from Energy Usage

0.00 tonnes

Total for the last 12 months across all utilities 0% decrease compared to previous year


38,353 kWh



20,004 m³

(~215,934 kWh)


1,366 m³


NameTypeCurrent ValueLast ReadingSerial
17 NSE - Electric SCREEN-1 (under the stairs) Evening/Weekend - closed/demolished. Electric628,183 m³3 months ago******
17 NSE - Electric SCREEN-2 (under the stairs)Weekday. closed/demolished. Electric646,842 m³3 months ago******
17 NSE - Electric SCREEN-3 (under the stairs)Night. closed/demolished. Electric378,908 m³3 months ago******
DO NOT USE. 17 NSE - Electric COMBINED . DO NOT USE. Electric1,596,982 kWh2 years ago******
17 Norham Gardens, Oxford, OX2 6PS - Gas - METER REMOVED ON 25th JULY 2023 Gas325,185 m³5 months ago******
Gas 17 NSE (Core) Replaced Gas241,483 m³10 years ago******
17 NSE Water - Meter removed on 11th August 2023. Closed/demolished. Water62,516 m³4 months ago******
17 NSE Water - Site Temporary Water Meter Water37 m³1 day ago******