Circus Street 7

CO₂ Emissions from Energy Usage

3.60 tonnes

Total for the last 12 months across all utilities 9.57% increase compared to previous year


3,272 kWh



1,887 m³

(~20,370 kWh)


163 m³


NameTypeCurrent ValueLast ReadingSerial
7 Circus Street Electric Electric48,062 kWh1 year ago******
7 Circus Street Electric SM Electric4,083 m³3 weeks ago******
7 Circus St Gas  (Core) Replaced Gas5,217 m³10 years ago******
7 Circus Street, Oxford OX4 1JR - Gas Gas13,785 m³3 weeks ago******
7 Circus Street - Water (only enter the numbers before the comma) Water344 m³3 weeks ago******